All sets at this show will be performed quadraphonically.


Jon Leidecker performs music under the inevitable pseudonym of Wobbly,
exploring the various ways in which our experience of music changed once
we gained the ability to record it. Recent live and studio collaborations
include albums and concerts with Dieter Moebius & Tim Story, Fred Frith,
Matmos, Huun-Huur-Tu and Negativland.

Brett Naucke
is an experimental composer & visual artist residing in Chicago, IL.
His most recent LP, Seed for the Spectrum Spools label documents his use of complex synthesis systems while in 2015 he has continued to produce numerous compositions for film and live installations. Additionally, Naucke founded the Catholic Tapes imprint in 2007 which has gone on to produce over 100 releases documenting the American experimental and electronic underground. His second effort for Spectrum Spools, The Mansion is due out early 2016

Max Eilbacher
“…ripping sets of electro-acoustic shard flappery with drone-rockers Teeth Mountain, rocking a guitar and violent acts of peace with aktionist noise-rock unit Needle Gun (of which he helped found), bobbing his own head along a top a swarm of electronics with technocrats Matmos, as well as improvising at events like High Zero, making video art, and eating a nasty mountain of hot peppers just to impress two brothers with different last names; the psychedelic noise-triXXXster Twig Harper and the reel-to-reel builder and stoic impresario of deadened ambush, Caleb Johnston. At this point, the context returns to it’s steady placement as useless. If one places a musician within every damn musical area one can fall into, then can’t one as easily put them into no damn musical-area? After all who ever heard of a technocrat drone-rocker noise aktionist eating hot peppers with two psychedelic brothers all while playing junked out electronics mixed with developing and progressive, but still rather nostalgia tinged, digital sounds, except there are no beats, drones, or noise-blasts but rather interlocking layers of clang-y misshapen patterns that are replaced by rising and descending tones smattered together to be torn apart to create a carousel affect of the cogent and the confused? There seems to be just nothing to say about Max Eilbacher other than that he is a Baltimore based musician working with a wide variety of electronics, both sampled and synthetic. Eilbacher has a solo record out on the Spectrum Spools label, a sub-label of Editions Mego.”

Event location:

The Red Room

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.