For those who enjoy trying new things, High Zero Foundation and Fadensonnen present

Noisy Gnat

Wine tasting with experimental, improvised music

Special Location: Fadensonnen
Doors open at 6pm with a DJ.
Music will begin after 7pm.
Tickets will are available in now from EventBrite.

Tom Boram
CK Barlow
Stewart Mostofsky
Bonnie Lander
Paul Neidhardt
Samuel Burt
Bashi Rose
Orlando Johnson
Rachel Beetz
Shelly Purdy

For more than 25 years, the High Zero Foundation has presented performances at the Red Room and the international High Zero Festival. These performances normally involve experimental, improvised music — a modern folk practice approachable by anyone with an imagination regardless of skill level. Performances may occasionally involve dance, video, and other forms of culture.

The experimental nature of the performance explores the boundaries of sound and experience, through exploiting the peculiarities of traditional instruments, the invention of instruments, the manipulation of recorded sound, and the development of software to produce never-before-heard sounds.

High Zero has developed a loyal following through its uncompromising devotion to this art form and established Baltimore as a destination city for international musicians who share its values. The organizers of High Zero, who dedicate their time to building culture in Baltimore, are also performers, composers, educators, curators, and coordinators of performances around the city. Your participation in this wine tasting will directly support High Zero Foundation in their mission to establish Baltimore as an epicenter of experimental music and culture, emphasizing improvisatory collaboration. Proceeds will go towards funding the High Zero Festival in September.

Tonight, a subset of the collective will be joined by talented members of the Baltimore community to perform brief sets of experimental, improvised music and movement to accompany a wine tasting. Fadensonnen will be serving natural wines, likely a new experience for many. This is a good pairing and an opportunity for you to encounter new sensations, audible, visible, and gustatory!

Event location:

Fadensonnen 3 W 23rd St Baltimore, MD

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.