Three ways to play beautiful music

Friday August 4th join us at the Red Room for three different artists making beautiful music. Hi, it’s Martin Schmidt, president of the High Zero Foundation, here bringing you a show that’s maybe “all over the place” and maybe not so much as it might seem. I genuinely love the way all three of these people create music and the music that is created by them. It’s not all the same! Shock! Horror! Surprise!

I would truly recommend that you check out the examples of all three performers linked here if you have any questions about coming to this show. Advanced computer technology…deep listening, come on down!

A NOTE ABOUT THIS and FUTURE RED ROOM SHOWS! Our default time for shows used to be 8:30 doors and 9 o’clock music. Due to popular request WE ARE CHANGING THAT to 8 o’clock doors and 8:30 music.

Thanks! -Martin

Weston Olencki is:

a composer & musician from South Carolina.

This new solo project is an extension of my work exploring the relationships between experimental and traditional music, various forms of contemporary and obsolete audio tech, artificial intelligence and oral knowledge, alternative pasts/futures of Americana, and site-specific historical research and field recording.

It’s essentially an experimental drumline record & performance, featuring marching snare drums, robotic woodblocks, and custom software. A small work-in-progress sample may be found here.

Michelle Blu is:

a Baltimore-based Kemetic Yoga Teacher, Co- Founder of the band “Kemetic Lullaby” an experimental & improvised band of energetic call & response. Michele uses crystal & tibetan singing bowls, sample player, percussion & breathing techniques to evoke what she loves most and that is sharing the healing power of meditation, ancestral spiritual grounding and positive energy through sound healing & music as a force and tool to better and heal her community. Weaving a deep tapestry of powerful vibrations, with intention, awareness, transformation and healing for all. Michelle in High Zero last year.

Sam Pluta is:

a Baltimore-based composer, improviser, and sound artist. Though his work has a wide breadth, his central focus is on using the laptop as a performance instrument capable of sharing the stage with groups ranging from new music ensembles to world-class improvisers. By creating unique interactions of electronics, instruments, and sonic spaces, Pluta’s vibrant musical universe fuses the traditionally separate sound worlds of acoustic instruments and electronics, creating sonic spaces which envelop the audience and resulting in a music focused on visceral interaction of instrumental performers with reactive computerized sound worlds. A demonstration of the instrument he’s created.

Event location:

Normal's Books and Records 425 East 31st St. Baltimore, MD

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.