A profound night of creative music, these three individuals will create and share space in a unique sonic space.

Liz Downing- Liz Downing uses voice and bowed banjo, in duos and trios, rehearsed and improvisational to create images, stories and sounds and songs. Her current work is in the form of Toy Theater which is in this case, painted images moving across scrolling paintings (crankies) and the Goddess Research Project with Ali Clendaniel in their duo “in the womb of the everywhere room”. Continuing is Mole Suit Choir with Rupert Wondolowski and guest star Greg Hatem (Absurdist Miserablist Folk), Old Songs with Chris Mason and Mark Jickling, (Greek translations of ancient poets and philosophers put to psychedelic folk music) Curving Tooth collaboration with Greg Hatem (Liz’s decades of lyrics revivified by the genius of Greg Hatem) and Underworld Orchard with Hanna Olivegren and Steve Strohmeier, dream inspired trance folk. more info: https://lizdowningart.com/

Orlando Johnson- We embrace nonsense and chaos. Non verbal exploration to cope and understand through multi-disciplines of expression. May such research inspire, create beauty, and add to the nonsense and chaos of what we call everyday.

Jamal Moore- A native of Bmore, Jamal Moore is a multi instrumentalist , composer and educator. Steep in the black legacy and continuem of the Black Creative/ Black Avant Garde of Baltimore and beyond, he continues to push boundaries escavating sound from ancestral spirits known and unknown, sending universal healing frequencies.

Event location:

Normals Bookstore 425 E 31st. Street Baltimor Md. 21229

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.