An extraordinary pleasure to bring together for one evening, the enormous talents of percussionist claire rousay (TX) and trumpeter Jacob Wick (CDMX) in duo, electronicist, artist, Richard Kamerman (NYC), and local vocal genius Bonnie Lander performing Alvin Lucier. 

The evening will have many throughlines: queering sound, systems design, interference sound, improvisation, psychodynamics and psychoacoustics, and sandwiches.

Yes, grilled sandwiches. Please do stop by for this nourishing evening!


claire rousay & Jacob Wick is a drums and trumpet duo. The pair chew up the macho and militaristic histories of their respective instruments and spit out vulnerability and absurdity. They have been performing together since June 2018. claire rousay is an improviser, percussionist, and event organizer based in San Antonio, Texas. Her work explores queerness, human relationships, and self perception through the use of physical objects and their potential sounds. Jacob Wick is an improviser, writer, and artist. His work is dedicated to and informed by queer feelings and queer politics.

Richard Kamerman has been breaking electronics and crashing computers while trying to coax interesting and unpredictable sounds out of them for over a decade. Occasionally, he has also presented himself as a more serious composer of re-performable written music. Keywords: amplification, magnification, obfuscation, systems design, game theory, patterns, human error, accident, failure. Although a firm believer in the axiom that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” he ceased collecting his instruments from piles of junk left on the curb several years ago, fearing he might bring home bedbugs. Recordings of his solo or collaborative works have been released by Erstwhile Records, Pilgrim Talk, Contour Editions, RRRecords, and Engraved Glass, among others. Kamerman has performed throughout the US as well as internationally in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Australia. He is a founding member of the Queer Trash music collective responsible for creating a queer experimental music platform for performance and presentation in NYC.

Bonnie Lander is a multifaceted musician whose career encompasses performance, composition, and improvisation. As a soprano, violinist, and composer she has worked with a wide selection of collaborators in improvised music, new chamber music, and new opera. She is co-founder of NYC chamber ensemble Rhymes With Opera, now in its 11th year of programming. Bonnie graduated with a Doctorate of Musical Arts at UC San Diego, and studied at the Peabody Institute with Phyllis Bryn-Julson for her Masters of Music degree.

Event location:

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.