This Thursday, and every Thursday –until– The Red Room and High Zero Foundation have commissioned Baltimore artists to create a piece to be presented using our Twitch page. There will be a commissioned piece and a live online performance beginning at 9 pm-ish (Eastern Standard Time).

The URL is

You are encouraged to donate to the art-workers presenting through our “pay pal” – there will be a link presented.
We have taken some of the money we have been graciously granted by various institutions and commissioned the commissions; the live “opener” will receive what viewers donate.

Here’s a text version of the schedule. Please join us, and if you can, help an artist out!  Tell your pals who aren’t in Baltimore!

May 28th  Peter Redgrave and Tom Boram presentation and Gram Hammell live
June 4th  Safra presentation and the great 2017 festival trio of Sehnaouoi/McPhee Neidhardt
June 11th  Theresa Columbus presentation, Harwood House and Jeff Carey live
June 18th  Corey Thuro presentation and CK Barlow live
June 25th  Sarah Manley presentation and Owen Gardner live
July 2nd  Khristian Weeks presentation and Jamal Moore live
July 9th  Bonnie Lander presentation and Shelly Purdy live
July 16th  Sarah Marie Hughes presentation and TBA live
July 23rd  Allison Clendaniel + James Young presentation AND Lexie Mountain presentation and Andrew Bernstein live


l  o  v  e      f  r  o  m      t  h  e      h  i  g  h      z  e  r  o      f  o  u  n  d  a  t  i  o  n




Event location:

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.