Red Room presents a screening of videos from Pleasure Editions DVD magazine, VID CHOPS, and a discussion with some of the local artists included in the current issue of the magazine.

As almost all events in the Red Room series, Normal’s Books will open at 8:30, with the audience being admitted to the venue at 9PM.

From Pleasure Magazine:
Pleasure has recently added to the already vast array of media it has output its’ new release “Vid Chops”, a compilation of video art from around the globe, jumping from style to style, from lo-fi to super sleek, but always staying transient and indigestible.

At The Red Room Pleasure Editions will screen Baltimore artists Max Eilbacher, Shana Palmer, M.C. Schmidt, Stephanie Barber, and Meg Rorison’s video selections from Vid Chops as well as Pleasure’s own video entry and Toshiya Tsunoda’s video.

Following the screening there will be a panel discussion with the artists.

Pleasure Editions is a small press specializing in new and rediscovered art, literature, poetry and translation. In the past four years Pleasure has released three major magazines on the subjects of magick, music, imagination, with a forthcoming issue on literature, as well as numerous chap books, zines, and odd ephemera ranging in topics. Featuring a rotating cast that traverses continents, ages, and backgrounds, Pleasure has created a unique beacon of transmission sending out ideas and challenges, ancient to the future, bizarre and mundane, and just plain interesting.

Pleasure Editions has been featured at the ICA London and Small Press Reviews said of Pleasure, “ Pleasure doesn’t seek to contribute to, or even recognize, a consumer-oriented system of transaction and gratification. Instead, they create an immersive cultural exchange in which you will get hopelessly lost. But the rewards of this exchange are of a kind you won’t find anywhere else. If you dare, as the phrase once purposed by the press as a call for submissions demands, ‘Submit to Pleasure!’”

Event location:

425 E 31st Street, Baltimore MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.