Superb Night of electro-acoustic sounds, noises and squishy squealers.

Phantom Chips

Phantom Chips makes wearable synthesizers that can be stretched and squeezed to create sound. Her homemade ‘lectronix squeals create bent charm
and harsh mangled tones through tactile electronics.

Concocting rhythms from an array of homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers, Phantom Chips gets the audience wearing electronics and making noise.

Tara Pattenden works in the field of electronics, noise, performance and soft circuitry. Based in Brisbane she runs a business selling synthesisers including the Noisy BSTRD and the Lerango Drone.  She performs with British group BodyVice and builds unique electronic instruments for their live shows. She has been making noise and mess for almost 20 years performing internationally as a solo artist and in bands such as Monster Zoku Onsomb and Kunt.

Liz Meredith

iz Meredith is a violist, improviser and composer from Baltimore, MD. Her music explores intersections between acoustic chamber music, instrumental improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, and ambient music. Liz’s recordings include 2 solo albums, The Disposition of Vibrant Forms, a 5 LP set in collaboration with John Somers (brother of Alex Somers), and various solo and collaborative works on cassette. Her most recent solo album Repro, released on Spleencoffin, received critical acclaim from publications such as Tiny Mix Tapes, Vital Weekly, ATTN Magazine, and the Sound Projector.  In addition to performing her own music, Liz has premiered new works by emerging composers, and has also contributed her sound to recordings by a wide range of artists.

Liz’s performance record is fittingly diverse.  She has performed at rock clubs, D.I.Y. spaces, art galleries, chamber music venues, music festivals, and academic conferences throughout the United States.  Career highlights include performances at Signal Flow Festival, Mills College; High Zero Festival (Baltimore, MD); several performances at the Baltimore Museum of Art; The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore, MD); and The Stone (New York City, NY).

Liz holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Music Composition from Mills College (Oakland, CA).  She has studied music composition with Fred Frith and viola performance with Hank Dutt of Kronos Quartet.

Jessica Keyes

Jessica Keyes is a Baltimore-based performer and composer. Her compositions explore trickster characters, ecstatic energy, and communion with the audience. Her solo practice for saxophone, electronics, and DIY synth controllers explores themes of illness and disability. Jessica leads an 12-piece punk brass band called Bedlam Brass and is a member of the experimental chamber group Trucker Talk. She co-organizes Mid-Atlantic Wilderness, a monthly series of improvised music, and she collaborates often with other performers.

Event location:

Red Room 425 e 31st St

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.