Patrick McMinn is back performing Samuel Burt’s Wyman Park Dell at a new location! Join us in autumn’s colors on Stony Run trail in the tunnel beneath Remington Avenue. This composition features a solo trumpet part accompanied by a burbling ensemble of wind instruments. This will be an extended version of the piece, with more ensemble action!
Saturday, October 24th at 5pm
Please, maintain safe distances between you, the performers, and other attendees, and leave room for anyone walking the trail. Where a mask. Give yourself plenty of time to locate the tunnel and choose a safe path. Here are some options:
– For those with young knees: there’s a steep slope people use on the south side of the bridge that will take you directly there.
– For bicyclists and walkers: you can park along 31st or Huntingdon Avenue and walk along a path extending from Huntingdon to reach Wyman Park Drive. Turn left and follow the road until you find a path on the left that first heads south and then continues north along the west bank of Stony Run. While on Wyman Park Drive, you might see a path on your right. This path heads to Stony Run but is on the wrong side of the water.
– For motorists who feel adventurous: you can park along Gilman Terrace and find one of the unofficial paths through the brambles to get to Stony Run Trail. This is probably the fastest, safest way to get there, but you have to find your own path.
These people are likely to be present and performing: Patrick McMinn, Jessica Keyes, Emily Joseph, Liz Prince, Patrick Crossland, and Adam Schuman. Other brass and saxophone performers are welcome to participate. The score and parts are available here. Get in touch with to get involved.

Event location:

Stony Run Trail tunnel under Remington Ave.

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