A variety evening that could only be created by The Red Room Collective. Two High Zero Festival alums:

Filmaker/sound artist Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us presents a new performance/video work entitled CITATION CITY, a project using the techniques of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project in relation to London-based feature films.

Electro-acoustic percussionist Matt Weston performs a solo improvisation as only he can.

“Weston’s drumming is filled with subtleties. He uses a light touch to convey muted sensitivity by deftly massaging the skins and rims.  (The) playing has a stark reality to it… When his playing becomes brusque…the aggressiveness is …disconcertingly intense. Weston puts a unique spin on the drum solo and creates tones of atypical sonority. He is a sound explorer on an apparent endless quest for purity.”–Frank Rubolino, Cadence


People Like Us’ ‘Citation City’ sources, collage and edits 300 major feature films where content is either filmed or set in London – creating a story within a story, of the film world, living its life, through extraordinary times of change, to see what happens when these multiple narratives are combined… what will the story tell us that one story alone could never tell?

The result is a sweeping panorama of London, a London as represented through cinema – not the real city at all, but one that exists in the collective imagination of moviegoers throughout the decades. –Filmmaker Magazine





Event location:

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.