Solo sets from High Zero Alumni Luciana Arias and Orlando Johnson, plus Atlanta composer Majid Aram. Mandolins, dance, fantastic expressions of deep imagination. Tonight’s performances will transport you far beyond the ordinary.

Majid Aram.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, curator, and a fixture of the Atlanta improvisation and new music communities. Majid’s prolific work as a composer focuses on resonance and dynamics, experimental approaches, and is oriented towards the natural world and fantasy realms. In addition to his solo work he is also a founding member of the jazz trio, BASrelief and improv duo, Whispers of Night.

Luciana Arias.

Born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1988, Luciana Arias works in the interrelation of the arts, dance, sound and visual creation, and staging She studied at the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Choreographic Composition with a mention in Expressive Body Dance in Buenos Aires. She was a dancing participant in the Grupo de Experimentacion en el Arte de Movimiento, (GEAM) 2013/2015.

She was a member of the company of the University of the Arts of the city of Buenos Aires as choreographer, performer and part of the lyrical body team in 2017. Her research has been presented in international exhibitions, festivals and congresses. Since 2010 she has been carrying out video-dance projects, presenting in the International VideoDanzaBa Festival 2013 Argentina, Art-home Chattanooga, Tennessee 2015, and Butoh International Dance Festival, Asheville, North Carolina 2015. She has been a Pilates and Yoga Instructor since 2015 and a Butoh dance practitioner since 2010.

She taught Body Expression Dance at Be Be Theater in Asheville, North Carolina, and currently teaches Composition and Improvisation in Dance classes in Atlanta. As a composer and choreographer, she works with musicians through improvisation and in collaboration with dancers in Atlanta.

Orlando Johnson

We embrace nonsense and chaos. Non verbal exploration to cope and understand through multi-disciplines of expression. May such research inspire, create beauty, and add to the nonsense and chaos of what we call everyday.

Event location:

Red Room at Normals Books and Records

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.