TAWIL & KHOURY is the duo of Leyya Mona Tawil and Mike Khoury.  They work with sound and movement practices, and are community leaders in the field of Arab Experimentalism. Tawil & Khoury operate within the diaspora; narrating identity on their own terms. They began collaborating in Detroit in 2006, and have since toured nationally and internationally with their performance scores.

“The propulsion of the hand and heel was connected to arcs throughout the body. You could liken the rolls to waves and tides of the sea. You could also feel them as helpless searches for a point of rest..the plight “Atlas” expressed became larger than that of one individual.” – Alastair Macaulay, New York Times.

Opening will be Baltimore native and premiere avant-garde multi instrumentalist Jamal Moore

Event location:

The Red Room at Normals Books and Records 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.