LEXIE MOUNTAIN: comedian, columnist, conundrum, composer, choir mistress, raconteur, lobster priestess, the list goes on… she’s going to grace the Room with new work and you’re going to feel the blessings rain down and the dividends pile up.

DREW DANIEL is half of Matmos and all of the Soft Pink Truth and he lives in Baltimore with husband M.C. Schmidt and a cat (plus now a gerbil?) and he teaches Shakespeare at Johns Hopkins University and hardly ever performs under his own name, like ever.

JOHN WIESE is a living national treasure of American underground music sorry John if you’re reading this and that sounds like slobber but it’s true, this guy has been ripping through basements and global festivals for a minute, playing in and/or leading some extremely heavy ensembles, and accumulating a vast body of recorded work as Sissy Spacek and under his own name.

A decade in the making, Drew and John have a collaborative LP called “Continuous Hole” coming out on Gilgongo Records on May 1st and this show is a way to reveal more about that.

Event location:

The Red Room at Normals Books and Records 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.