Pipe Organ at the Gates of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

By Jove, Monday the 21st of December is an astronomical event unlike any other, a convergence of Jupiter and Saturn at proximity unseen since 13th century AD, all the while upon the Winter Solstice occurring at exactly 0 degrees in the constellation of Aquarius.
And so it is, the God of the Sky and the God of Time make a binary star in the western sky, best visible in the hour proceeding sunset on the 21st.
For the occasion, Tom Borax presents a 3-hour pipe organ concert live-stream. Beginning at 2pm and concluding at sunset, viewers are then encouraged, weather permitting, to venture outdoors and gaze upon the heavens – optimal viewing of the convergence 5:30-6pm EST.
In Borax’ words: “This ‘concert’ combines so many things usually unpalatable at 3-hour durations – church, video conferencing, intense astrology. Yet how can it be otherwise? Extremity is appropriate. This is the actual ‘dawn of the age of aquarius’ foretold by the Fifth Dimension and the musical ‘Hair.’ This music will itself be a conjunction – a mix of musique d’ameublement and something more like if Sun Ra had an illegitimate white child in the 70s who listened extensively to the Minutemen and Primus as a teen. The organ itself is a massive and beautiful instrument, a mutant child of the pan flute, an instrument no doubt played at the earliest Saturnalias in ancient Rome. Then consider that the Feast of Saturn is the pagan origin of Christmas – so happy holidays everybody.



Please join us!

1:30 doors, 2pm “recital”
Eastern Standard Time



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