Jeff Carey’s project titled “Luminiferous Aether” is inspired by the scientific search for the “light bearing medium” of the same name. Spoiler alert: they found it — we know it to be the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Exploring the use of high powered strobe lighting, Jeff is presenting new works of synthetic time based art that blend light and sound into immersive visual music. The lighting fixtures used for this project have special xenon gas filled lamps. The gas, also known as Xe, is a naturally occurring element formed during supernovae (stars exploding!) and is used to create anesthetics, dark-matter detectors and specialized strobe lights.

These events are at The Voxel located 9 West 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218


Jeff Carey presents Luminiferous Aether in two forms:

First is a four part installation multi sensory “flight” and a large format, surround visual music concert.
Reserve tickets for Jan 19-21, 27-28, Feb 2-4:

Second, is a large format composition of immersive surround visual music featuring a wraparound array of high powered strobe lights. Support performances from Beyond This Point and MC Schmidt & Obie Feldi.
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M.C. Schmidt and Obie Feldi – “Dish Washing Study”

A 12 minute quadrophonic study of sounds, many of which originate in a kitchen sink.

Beyond This Point

Chicago-based Beyond This Point is a percussion-focused collaborative ensemble that aims to engage diverse audiences through intersections across artistic mediums, presenting programs that synthesize musical performance with theater, movement, media/film, sculpture, social justice, and environmentalism among others.

Using everything from amplified matchsticks, to rice-spilling pendulums, to reclaimed pieces of wood triggering 5000 LEDs, Beyond This Point strives to create a truly interdisciplinary performance practice, believing that a mix of media and art forms can speak more directly and powerfully to our current context.

For their set at the Voxel, Beyond This Point will bring an IKEA desk lamp, a webcam, 6 guitar pedals, 3 fluorescent lights, and exactly one pair of drumsticks.

Event location:

The Voxel, 9 West 25th street, Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.