It Foot, It Ears is a chamber/garage music duo using electric guitar, voice, and percussion to create intricate studies in rhythm and texture. Their music plays against the expectations of the humdrum instrumentation of electric guitar and drums — while also celebrating its history.  They’ve developed performance practices that embrace microtonality, isorhythm and polyrhythm, extended techniques, prepared and found instruments, and punk rock. It Foot, It Ears has been described as both delicate and visceral.

“it foot, it ears prove their unmatched accomplishments in technical ability, compositional intricacy and, above all, personality and wit.” —SLUG Magazine

And a podcast/audio documentary about our music:
Gram Hummell
…. current Baltimorean presenting a suite for the beige amazon contemporary dystopia. Solo performer and past collaborator with free groups such as LAFMS, industrial tropigoths Hot Tub Panorama, and noise-aktionists Needle Gun.
Aeschylus plays the tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, and a couple video games.

Samuel Burt is a composer in Baltimore, Maryland. He teaches at Towson and Johns Hopkins, is a board member of the High Zero Foundation, received his M.M. degrees in composition and computer music from Peabody and B.Mus from UGA. This academic foundation combines with the same number of years of exposure to experimental music and the avant-garde.

Since 2005, he has helped curate the High Zero Festival, Red Room series, and Worlds in Collusion. In 2007, he helped found After Now, a series of performances of Baltimore-based compositions. He’s been involved in many new music performances and performed in improvisation groups like Coy Fish, Geodesic Gnome, Second Nature, and Death in the Maze. He facilitates the monthly musical improvisation workshop called Volunteers’ Collective at the Red Room.

His electronic music focuses on interactivity, guided indeterminacy, and non-linear control systems. Software like Pure Data and Bitwig allow him to explore modular sound design, spectral manipulation, granulation, and more.

His sound pallet ranges from clarinets, to electronic manipulation and synthesis. To expand his pallet, he has been building, playing, and selling daxophones.

Event location:

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.