From France, (Paris, presumably) INTERWAVING STRECHT sent the collective a demo, and it was so weird and well done that I said I would put on a show for them.
Their own description is…this:
Mystery guitar and electronics from France form this powerful intense duo playing improvised music that encompasses strong expressionism as much as sweetness and minimalism.
“Rough stridencies, chirpings and gurgles gush from the bowels of an analog and antediluvian console or synthesizer (also analog), the mouth-noises are cartoony and cyclothymic guitar. It’s full of bumps, reefs, nooks and humour.”   Review. (Paris France)

Apologies for the use of “I” in this post. I am Martin Schmidt, a member of the Red Room Collective. Ahem, I’ll go on, now….

…I thought about a perfect opener for these mad Frenchmen and thought about local bicycle racer, drummer, framer, wise man, formerly a VERY active member of the experimental community, member of Geodesic Gnome, film buff, Bob Wagner. He told me that he had a new project going with local Music Professor, staggeringly talented drummer of local improv power-stream-machine Microkingdom, Will Redman.

They agreed to let us hear what they’ve been working on together.

That’s the show Wednesday May 13th. I think, at least if you want to hear strange “sounds/music” thoughtfully arranged in time, you will be most stimulated by our programme.

As with almost all Red Room programming, the doors to Normals open at 8:30 with the show beginning something around 9. We try to wait a bit for late-types to arrive, so be patient with them, to a degree. We will ask you for six dollars for this event…this money goes ENTIRELY to the artists. Please come!
Here’s the poster I made for the show…

French Gargle to printSM

Event location:

425 E31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.