Sunday Night, September 18th »

Doors open 7:30 PM / Performances start 8:30 PM sharp
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Bushmeat Soundsystem (electronics)

The Night of Randomization

As a new ongoing tradition, the High Zero Festival will leave Sunday Night’s sets up to chance. Fourteen performers will be divided into four sets, randomly. What kind of wonderful, unplanned, musical collisions will happen this year?

Musicians will be chosen from this list:

Tom Boram (thocolate tynapple panipulator)

Owen Gardner (cello, guitar)

Ruby Fulton (trumpet, flugelhorn, violin)

Asimina Chremos (dance)

Rosie Langabeer (piano)

John Berndt (saxophone, electronics)

Layne Garrett (guitar, objects, self-built instruments)

Samuel Burt (daxophone, bass clarinet)

CK Barlow (guitar, sampling, electronics)

Marta Zapparoli (reel to reel, tape recorders)

Liew Niyomkarn (electronics, found objects)

Julius Masri (percussion, keyboards, oud)

Hanna Olivegren (voice)

Anne-F Jacques (motors, objects, amplification)

Event location:

Baltimore Theatre Project 45 West Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21201

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.