Musicians of FIM, the Red Room’s sister series in Connecticut, visit for a night of experimentation, noise, and improvisation joined by local luminary Patrick Crossland.

Patrick Crossland – Trombone
Caleb Duval – Double Bass
Luke Rovinsky – Electric Guitar

Darien Baiza – percussion
Alma Laprida – trumpet marine, lyre, and more

doors at 8pm
show at 8:30pm

LUKE ROVINSKY is an improvising electric guitarist based in New Haven, Connecticut. He has performed with Joe Morris, Tatsuya Nakatani, Jack Wright, Sam Newsome, Andrea Pensado, Stephen Gauci, Nat Baldwin, Ted Moore, Forbes Graham, Adam Matlock, and Carl Testa. His work has been featured in The New Haven Independent and Jazz Podium, on BBC Radio 3’s Freeness and at the 2022 Catalytic Sound Festival.

CALEB DUVAL is a improvisor, bassist and electronic musician from Manchester, Connecticut. He has performed with Joe Morris, Tony Malaby, Tatsuya Nakatani, Brandon Lopez, James McKain, TJ Borden, and Mike Pride. He is co-founder of the arts collective/record label firstnamelastname and regularly performs and records with his Connecticut-based extreme metal band Beth.

Since April 2022, Duval and Rovinsky have co-organized FIM Improvisation’s Radical Music series, independently presenting over 50 concerts featuring themselves and a community of New England-based musicians performing with and alongside improvisers from NYC, Chicago, Berlin, and Mexico City. In 2024, they established FIM Records.

Listen to their sonic adventures here!

Together, they perform in the groups Bookers with Michael Larocca, Stalwart with Ben Eidson and James Paul Nadien, Inconcinnity with Alina Jacobs and Mackenzie Kourie, Beasts with Kaelen Ghandhi, Ben Eidson, and Jeff Dragan, and eeeeeel with Noa Jacques and Crescent Malavet.

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Trombonist PATRICK CROSSLAND was born in Jackson, Mississippi. Growing up in southern Louisiana, he began playing trombone at age 10. He has worked closely with several prominent composers. Solo performances include the Walker Art Center’s “Festival Dancing In Your Head” (2001, 2002, 2005), the Darmstadt Course for New Music (2004, 2006, 2008), where he was awarded a Solo Performance Prize, and the “Utopia Jetzt!” Festival (Germany) where he performed his acclaimed “V for Grock” multimedia recital. In 2009 he premiered his “Krieg dem Krieg” project featuring thematic works for trombone and electronics. In addition to his activities as a soloist and chamber musician, he is an avid improviser, working with a wide range of musicians, dancers, and actors. He is a member of the Composers Slide Quartet, Ensemble Laboratorium, and Zinc & Copper Works. Recently relocated to the Baltimore area, he teaches trombone and other music courses at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

ALMA LAPRIDA is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative pursuits encompass composition, improvisation, performance, installation, and radiophonic pieces. Armed with unconventional instruments and objects such as the trumpet marine, field recordings, synthesizers, megaphones and the lyre, her explorations traverse diverse realms in the pursuit of creating captivating sonic experiences. Alma has released three solo albums, collaborated on two other albums, and contributed to various compilations.

DARIEN BAIZA is a free-improvising drummer based in Baltimore, MD. As a means to communicate ideas, scenes, and emotions that elude the tongue, he utilizes the drumset as a familiar medium to invite, acquaint, and reconcile the obscure.  He is perpetually inspired by chaos and order, the beauty of indifference, and the impermance of all things. He has performed with, and with members of various collectives throughout the East Coast.

photo credit: Michael Rogers (Luke Ravinsky), Peter Gannushkin (Patrick Crossland, Caleb Duval)

Event location:

Red Room at Normals Books and Records

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.