High Zero Foundation presents a new festival series focused on electronic and multi-channel sound works.  The second of five presentations in the festival, Lea Bertucci, Cameron Shafii and RM Francis present live octophonic music on the permanently installed multi-channel system at the Redroom.

Limited seating is available, advance ticket purchase is recommended.

Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00


Lea Bertucci is an American composer and performer whose work describes relationships between acoustic phenomena and biological resonance. In addition to her instrumental practice, (alto saxophone and bass clarinet), her work often incorporates multi-channel speaker arrays, electroacoustic feedback, extended instrumental technique and tape collage. Deeply experimental, her work is unafraid to subvert musical expectation.

Her discography includes a number of solo and collaborative releases on independent labels in the US and Europe, including I Dischi Del Barone, Obsolete Units, Telegraph Harp and Clandestine Compositions. In 2017, she will release All That is Solid Melts Into Air: Works for Strings, on NNA Tapes

Cameron Shafii is an Iranian composer practicing generative and electroacoustic music. His compositions are inflected with a host of digital synthesis processes and are informed by aspects of acousmatic theory, particularly spectromorphology. His works do not impose any temporal scheme upon the listener – rejecting the semiotic operation of ‘engagement/disengagement’ in the discourse of A.J. Greimas. ‘Pithy & Prolix’ – his new piece for the Entr’acte label – features sound scenes that emphasize the materiality and morphology of spatial textures. In it, Shafii presents an asymmetrical narrative that articulates tension, amorphous forms, and complex sonorities, signifying a plurality of meaning and complication.

RM Francis is a Seattle-based musician who has been presenting computer-generated sound works through performance, installation and recordings since 2011. Drawing on a panoply of digital synthesis techniques, his work interrogates the boundaries of musical form and performance. His work has been released by DRAFT, Agents of Chaos, and atrium. Francis is also a member of the networked computer music ensemble Mesh Collaborative. His spring 2017 release Hyperplastic Other, a compendium of non-redemptive transformations and asymmetrical translations in the twinned idioms of electronic sound and chocolate, is published by Nada.

For Diffusion, Francis will present Open RF+, an episodic suite featuring a varying number of voices, the individual parts of which are spatialized via an ecosystem of mutually dependent algorithms, whereby sonic properties of individual voices influence the spatial movement of co-occurring sounds.

Event location:

The Red Room at Normals Books and Records 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.