picture depicting synthesizer modules made of yarn


We are hopeful this will be the first of many Baltimore modular synthesizer meetups at the Red Room. Come meet fellow patchers. Each session will provide time for examining in detail one aspect of using modular synths followed by a performance by one of the attendees.

This first session will focus on filters. We will discuss the basics of filters and compare the sound of the filters brought by attendees, but mostly we will just listen and talk about what we hear.

What is a filter pole and how does it effect a signal?
Why are there so many filter designs?
Why are some gritty and some smooth?
Phase response?
(Self) Resonance?

We will be projecting an oscilloscope and spectroscope to aid our ears. There will be a Eurorack case available to rack up any Eurorack filters that you bring. You are welcome to bring other modular formats to plug into the PA.

For this session, Dan Deluca and Samuel Burt will improvise as a duo with a performance emphasizing filters. Dan Deluca has designed and built many of his own modules including filters. He is makes generative music and has an interest in physical modeling. Samuel Burt practices feedback and generative techniques, plus programs his own modular firmware. He has built some of his own hardware including a daxophone and an ondes Martenot-style ring controller.

Event location:

Red Room

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.