Ben Bennett had musical training starting as a young child, studied jazz drumming, but ever since getting into improvisation, has pursued a self­ taught, self ­disciplined, intuitive approach to music­ making. This path has led to his distilling the drumset down to a single vibrating membrane, finding different ways to draw sound from it, and continuous deconstruction/reconstruction of the drumset and drumming. Starting in 2006 he has toured North America, Europe, and Japan. Groups that have names include Rotty What with Jack Wright and John M Bennett; Wrest with Jack Wright and Evan Lipson; Central Ohio War Coalition with Joe Panzner, Mike Shiflet and others; and with Wilson Shook and Ryan Jewell. He has collaborated with many others, including Jack Callahan, Steve Baczkowski, Pascal Battus, Bbob Drake, Ben Hall, Michael Johnsen, Fred Lonberg­Holm, Ilan Manouach, Bob Marsh, Aaron Zarzutzki, and done many solo performances. He has released albums on Experimedia, Public Eyesore, Bug Incision, Edgetone, and other labels.

“It appears that he is psychically and physically communed with sound itself in a way that is unique in our modern electrified music world, and that gives him the ability to sonically both reflect and compete with the urban and industrial environment, even while standing in opposition to it.” ­??Chuck Hoffman

“The crux of Bennett’s output is formed through his anomalous showmanship and in the resourceful nature of the instruments he tailors. If there is “value” to be found in his art, then these aspects surely make for a sensible starting point. Recycled objects and household items are transformed into contraptions assembled for a purpose unknown to the performer until the very moment he drags them before baffled onlookers, inserting them into an orifice or smashing them with an unrelated implement. Such instances of universal obscurity add to the queer web of noise that makes the resulting sound so riveting from the perspective of the audience.” ­Tiny Mixtapes



Event location:

The Red Room 425 E. 31st St Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.