Hello, Martin Schmidt, here telling you about a show I put together. Both groups are skilled and both have group leaders from the same institution, and both groups will improvise, but I anticipate wildly different style results from them. As with most shows at the Red Room doors will open at 8 with sound beginning at 8:30. Join us Tuesday evening for sounds, all around.

Andrea Simon is a Baltimore-based electronic music composer, guitarist, and bassist who has been composing and performing music under various aliases and within various projects since 2015, most notably with their releases on Dream Catalogue, No Agreements and Pure Life Tapes as Broken Canyon. In 2018, they contributed to the soundtrack of the cult-hit indie video game Broken Reality.

They will be joined by drummer Darien Baiza and guitarist Ethan Bailey-Gould in the performance of 3 semi-improvised quadraphonic ambient compositions.

Previous work can be heard on Bandcamp HERE.


Immersed in the eclectic world of new and experimental music, Bonnie Lander has performed in a great variety of concert programs, with a wide selection of collaborators in improvised music, new opera, new chamber music, and composition. Versatile, dramatic, with a “stratospheric legato” and a “signature ability to embody a seemingly endless supply of vocal timbres and personalities,” Lander combines an intuitive, spontaneous use of the voice with resonant operatic technique, in order to create a performance experience that is virtuosic, intimate, and sonically overwhelming.

Bonnie will be joined by saxophonist John Dierker and percussionist Shelly Purdy.

100% of the door money goes to the players and we ask you to please bring cash.

HIGH ZERO FOUNDATION HAS A PATREON, and we need you to join us to provide more money for people who make and perform the expansion of the idea of what music is.


Event location:

The Red Room at Normal's Books

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.