And / In

‘And / In’ is a Berlin-based duo of HBF and KLN creating music with objects, text, and vibrations. Shadows and light, audible and inaudible movement, air, liquids, and solids. They conduct musical investigations of objects, bodies, agents, sounds, actions, text and silence. Objects and/in silence. Text and/in sound. Reading and/in actions. A spatio-vibrational theater workshop approaching the meaning and the life of objects and humans together.

Carey / Fucile / Gardner / Purdy

High Zero improvising veterans Jeff Carey (computer), Carrie Fucile (objects, contact mics), Owen Gardner (personality), and Shelly Purdy (percussion) will perform together as a quartet for the first time.


Event location:

The Red Room at Normals Books and Records 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.