Two masters of two of the more ancient instruments (the trumpet and the voice) make it new at The Red Room! Each will play a piece by everyone’s favorite mystic aristocrat, Giacinto Scelsi, a piece (or two) of their own and other works from the contemporary repertoire. Give yourself the gift of new music–you earned it!

Bonnie will perform
Giacinto Scelsi – Hô
Bonnie Lander – Melodies
György Kurtág – József Attila Fragments

Kate will perform
Giacinto Scelsi – Quattre Pezzi per Tromba Sola
Stefan Wolpe – Solo
Kevin Joest – Thoughts and Prayers
Ariel Marx – Cassiopeia
Kate Amrine – Anx
Kate Amrine – As I Am
Jinhee Han – Yaygara
Keith R. Gambling – I’ll Wear What I want
Tomas Olano – Ojos Claros
G. Blake Harrison-Lane – the way Rothko bled his edges
Jay Rizzetto (words by Emily Dickinson) – This is my Letter to the World
Alexandra Gardner – Ituri

Doors at 8:30, show at 9

A passionate and creative performer, Kate Amrine is a trumpet player balancing a multifaceted career from developing new repertoire and curating concerts to freelancing with many different groups in the New York City area.
Kate is extremely dedicated to commissioning and performing new music, premiering over 30 pieces both as a soloist and a chamber musician. Kate’s debut album “As I Am” was recently released in November 2017 featuring new music by women composers, including one of her own compositions.
As a composer, Kate wrote a piece for her debut album and continues to write other works for unaccompanied trumpet – most recently combining with singing and speaking.
In addition to advocating for female composers with her album, Kate is also very passionate about expanding awareness and representation for female brass players. She is half of the team behind Brass Chicks – a blog dedicated to celebrating the work of female brass players with guest posts and interviews. Kate earned a Master of Music degree from Peabody Conservatory and a Bachelor of Music degree from New York University.

Bonnie Lander is an avant-garde soprano, violinist, free improviser, and composer based in the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas. As a performer and composer Bonnie specializes in works that combine free improvisation with structured composition. She has created a number of graphic scores called “Objects in Space, as well as a series of theatrical works called “Inside Voices.” These latter works intend for the audience to experience the voices, noises, and emotional narratives in the performer’s mind through the operatic use of timbre, resonance, articulation as well as extended vocal techniques relating to everyday use of the voice. This combination provides a musical exploration of personal experience mixed with confrontational, visceral human expression.
Bonnie has also collaborated on a number of new works for the soprano voice with a number of wonderful composers and performers including Ruby Fulton, David Smooke, Erik Spangler, Wojtek Blecharz, Judith Hamann, and Anthony Davis. She is a founding member of NYC chamber opera company Rhymes With Opera, now celebrating its tenth year of commissioning new, inventive works for voice.

Event location:

The Red Room at Normals Books and Records 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore, MD 21218

The Red Room is a volunteer-run space in Baltimore dedicated to mind-expanding experimental culture, headquartered at Normals Books and Records.