The Red Room (in your room) is pleased to host the Goucher College MFA in Art & Technology thesis concert for Adam Schwartz. Schwartz has developed a series of virtual reality environments that focus on ambisonic “surround” sound and explore the history of sound in media. For this concert, he’ll perform two pieces within these environments, ElectroAmbiX and CinematicAmbiX. Due to the nature of the of the work, listening on headphones is strongly encouraged.
Supporting Adam on the bill will be a solo performance from Goucher faculty member Damian Catera and an outtake from the recording sessions for High Zero 2020 featuring the improvised duo of Goucher faculty CK Barlow and Shelly Purdy.
Friday December, 11th
“Doors” at 8:30pm, show at 9:00pm
@ The Red Room (in your room)
Adam Schwartz
ElectroAmbiX is an interactive exploration of electromagnetic field audio recordings in virtual reality. The player uses virtual hands to grasp, bounce and throw neon, buzzing cubes through a low gravity environment. The sound is mixed in real-time as the neon cubes bounce from the circuit board walls and ceiling, flying across the space. The player experiences the audio as a binaural mixdown of immersive, ambisonic sound.
Created using Unity and Reaper
CinematicAmbiX is a virtual reality experience that investigates the sonic tropes of cinema. Trailer sounds, foley, and ambiences are removed from a standard film soundtrack and animated in an immersive audio piece. The player moves around and through sound emitting objects, creating a unique, immersive, ambisonic mix each time they enter the virtual space.
Created using Unity, Reaper, Soundly, DearVR
Damian Catera – DeComposition USA 2020 v.2 -For Expanded Guitar
The score of this data auralization sources national Covid 19 fatality numbers and Donald Trump’s composite poll numbers from the onset of the pandemic during March of 2020 through early November.
A random element emerges at the point where both increase



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